In 2004, the GRIDO architecture office was founded in Bratislava and specialized in building construction. The company was offered for sale in 2011 as the shareholders went separate ways. The firm was acquired, renamed to SLOVAKSTAV, and underwent significant restructuring.

This restructuring established a specialty in underground construction as activities in aboveground work were gradually decreased. This new core competency was pushed successfully and served as a strong foundation for the future. However, as activities in underground construction grew, the name SLOVAKSTAV did not reflect the company’s focus well. In 2021, the organization was renamed to „TCS (Tunnel Construction Services) Tunneling – We build the future“, a much more representative label for the entire group of companies. This was an important step for developing new markets and propelling the increasingly international orientation of the organization.

Today, we run an international network with locations in nine countries and the necessary qualifications, expertise, and skills in the local construction and temporary employment industries. We are also licensed to carry out mining activities and handle explosives. “